Exist in photographs! Having beautiful portraits is priceless. It’s a gift for many generations.

We aspire to create a sense of timelessness, a kind of foreverness, a style that is enduring.

Alice Kalis is a portrait photographer located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She lived in The United States of America (Seattle) for 6 years and settled down again in Rotterdam a few years ago. She photographs all her sessions in her homestudio or on location.

Alice likes to create beautiful portraits of you. Contemporary portraits that capture your spirit and preserve it for eternity. If you would like to schedule a session, we would love to hear from you. We make every session unique and special to you.

De gezichten die Alice Kalis portretteert hebben iets gemeen: persoonlijkheid, maar ook de moed om voor de camera emotie te tonen.


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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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